Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today was one of those days. I seem to have had a lot of those the last few months...cough cough.
The kind were PJ's (i only wish i looked so cute with bead head as her!) and bed head are an all day happening. Where when I do feel good its just enough to clean up whats been neglected for the past days and start to get caught up only to have another day sneak up on me. I am 17 weeks and feel more of it slipping away so I hope to catch up on all my neglected housewifey things. For now its PJ's, parks, simple dinners, and a bubble bath almost every night... And this weather! I am dying at how cool it feels up here! I am so excited for fall and the weather is gorgeous! The other day Roo and I went to Michael's aka "the pumpkin store" and checked out all the cute decorations. I always seem to love the ones that remind me of the ones I had when I was little, the cute vintage/nostalgic em. And every year I seem to gravitate towards a theme. This year I am loving the natural elements of fall(more organic) and LOVING the basic orange and black with a bit of purple in the mix and all the glitter! SO fun! Of course my personality is to love two things that are polar opposites! Wish me luck in the execution! Now onto the random food pic. PUFFED FRENCH TOAST! aka doughnuts for dinner! SO yummy! We made a few alterations. I used wheat/white bread, and we added strawberries. I also omitted the 'canola' oil and used grape seed oil. It was pretty much like a cross between Jack in the box FT sticks and a krispy kreme doughnut! Go to they have a trillon other yummy recipes. Try their Black Bean soup while your at it! Its the best!