Friday, October 8, 2010


My sidekick, LOVE HER!
Sweet shelves Todd made me..don't mind the random decorating..getting to it!

Halloween Decorations!

Spooky vase fillers! Yep that's 'eye of newt'.. Mykah loves it! We had fun getting spooky this year! OK I cant lie and I totally have to give props where it is due! I totally stole the idea for the tags from (Chris u would LOVE her site!)and while I was there I loved her tutorial on the Ballard inspired shelves.... So we made em! (ask me how cheap they were!)See above.. granted my execution is not as rad as hers but hey I am still rebounding!! lol These will have to do!

Last year Mykah had baby white pumpkins in her bedroom and LOVED em. So I decided to try and do it every year. I LOVE white pumpkins... And I love that Mykah feels special having her 'own' pumpkins!
P.s. my pics were supposed to be after my post. How horrid am i for not fixing it! ;)

Longtime no post. Been super crazy around here. Ya right, I just put off blogging till the next day, and till the next, and yada yada. We had a fun AZ trip that I took NOT ONE picture while I was there. It was so fun to go back and realize how MUCH i miss my home! Even if flying was a little more umm nausea inducing than i previously had remembered :) The day we got home I thought 'How am I going to live in Utah and like it?' I tried not to cry the whole day because I missed my family SOOO much. Well I am happy to report I don't hate Utah, I am trying to be positive and enjoy my time here.. and hopefully we will be in AZ before i know it! After all Utah is having an actual "fall" right now!! Leaves are changing PEOPLE!! Everyday Mykah and i go for walks to enjoy the weather and check out the tight Halloween decorations... man my hood can decorate! Totally kidding! So until I get back in the swing of blogging here is our happenings!