Thursday, August 26, 2010


Let the countdown commence! 17 more days till i get to go home! Well back to Arizona so technically not my home now... I am stoked! LIKE SUPER SUPER STOKED! I have lots to do before I leave...eek I better get shakin.
* Repaint frames for Mykahs room...(pics will be up when I am finished with her room..)
* Paint TV stand black
* Get Halloween box out! (not decorated yet, just out.)
* Finish Burlap table runner (so fun for fall! I love the texture of burlap..So excited to get decorating for the holidays!)
* Eat pasta salad (yes, the one mentioned above. I ate it for lunch today and I got an extra for dinner ;)
* Finish putting together house in general.... Plus all the norm, dishes, laundry, oh if only you could really do everything consecutively. It would all be so easy! Ya know without the mom, read me 'Pingo'. 'mom, can we make cookies. mom, can we go hunt I am a sucker for that cute girl though and always fold. My list will be there tomorrow.
Oh and p.s. Todd stained my table(the one a few post back) a chocolate brown! Yep it looks GREAT! Now i just gotta finish my burlap runner and get my chair covers in and....It will be all ready to decorate with glittery pumpkins for fall! Oh, how I LOVE fall...ahhh and I will actually have one living here in Utah! Hey I gotta find something to be happy about up here!
{Family} "Mykah in the Bath"
Dad: Mykah are you eating bubbles??
Mykah: mmm Bubbles are nummy, num num num...(literally this is what she said while doin a little happy dance)lol
Dad: Bubbles will give you toots!
Mykah: OH CRAP! (as they come spilling out of her mouth)
Positive: At least I dont swear. It would be much worse than Crap! Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Maternity Must Haves"

These jeans by GAP $79. So cute on would look darling with flats and a cardi(my 'O.F.' aka old faithful) for this chilly Utah weather...such an AZ girl, waiting for a mad sale to purchase these bad boys.

Isabella Oliver Ruched Pencil skirt $115. So gorgeous, so simple. Lets talk about the length here, long enough to cover up 'g's' even when chasing after Mykah. Plus super Hot! Todd loves pencil skirts, Plus all there maternity line is designed to last your whole 9 months. Bonus! Any one who knows me knows I would wear this like all the time!! But I so cant get over the price and for that its on my 'wish list' aka never gonna happen.

Paradise Bakery Pasta Salad... i CRAVE this magical noodle concoction.


Thanks Amy for letting us tag along with your crew up to Bear Lake. We had a blast, she had a ball. Love you

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well we had an exciting weekend... Mykah and I drove up to Salt Lake to meet Amy, and then we followed her up to Logan. About an hour after getting there I discovered I had Todd's car keys in my purse. So instead of going to Bear Lake we spent the night in Logan and went home early in the morning. It was so fun to see Amy and the crew. Mykah and Dax played and played.. we even fit in some swimming while Amy and I caught up. Man I miss my FAMILY. So now here we are at home. Tuesdays..BLAH. I thought I would show Mykah's new bed. Seeing how sleeping on a mattress on the floor was not cutting it with all these spiders! So after searching craigslist and KSL day after day and not finding anything under 100 that I liked, I finally gave up and got this bed from Ikea. It was super cheap and no fuss. The color, well one day I will spray paint it a silver color but for now I am leaving it black. As you can see I still have a ton of ';putting' together to a bed (p.s. I love how she shoves her babies behind the bed...) We did pull out our TV stand and spray painted in 'Ivy Leaf' green...yucky. It was horrid! I wanted to give up and buy a new one. Then reality hit and I realized I would have to fix it! So i mixed some paint and gave it a few coats.. while my hair got dipped too! Don't worry Christy I wont cut it out! Although I am tempted it is all hard and crusty...yucky. Hopefully our TV stand will last a wee bit longer! See typical Tuesday stuff......