Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Maternity Must Haves"

These jeans by GAP $79. So cute on would look darling with flats and a cardi(my 'O.F.' aka old faithful) for this chilly Utah weather...such an AZ girl, waiting for a mad sale to purchase these bad boys.

Isabella Oliver Ruched Pencil skirt $115. So gorgeous, so simple. Lets talk about the length here, long enough to cover up 'g's' even when chasing after Mykah. Plus super Hot! Todd loves pencil skirts, Plus all there maternity line is designed to last your whole 9 months. Bonus! Any one who knows me knows I would wear this like all the time!! But I so cant get over the price and for that its on my 'wish list' aka never gonna happen.

Paradise Bakery Pasta Salad... i CRAVE this magical noodle concoction.


Amy F. said...

Oh, ho ho, I feel ya! I LOVE those pants and skirt -you know it!
Paradis in AZ -here we come!!