Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to save money on cleaning supplies..

Stop buying them. REALLY.
I have discovered so many ways to clean, deodorize, and disinfect my home with out buying the nasty chemical-ized cleaners. Mykah has been a real eye opener to me. As in I think a lot about what I do and how it affects her. I use to see a newly scrubbed bathroom and spik n span. That same bathroom is now "chemically" and really, every time I use Windex I get a wicked headache! So I did some research on natural cleaners. I cant even to begin to tell you about all the ways you can use ; Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Essential oils.
The amazing benefit? I can clean my home knowing that I am not breathing(we are not breathing) harmful chemicals. Oh and talk about CHEAP! Cha CHING! Vinegar and Baking soda are uber cheap! So I suggest you google some more about this! Here are my little tips!
Fabric Softener: Add to rinse cycle instead of Downy. I just fill my Downy ball with it! If you use a good smelling(i use a lavender soap) it will intensify the smell and I SWEAR your clothes will not smell like vinegar! My husband about died watching me do this the first time! Haha
Floor cleaner: 1 cup vinegar, 1 gallon warm water.(i have vinyl floors and this works)
Tub cleaner:I sprinkle Baking soda that has a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in it. Scrub and rinse.
Windows& Counters: Vinegar,water,few drops of essential oil(lavender,tea tree, eucalyptus..)
Bathroom: Vinegar, water, borax, shake well until borax dissolves. Ok in reading this I realized I had all three these ingredients.. Um I don not add vinegar and Borax. Just Borax and water and a few drops of tea tree oil! SORRY! So no vinegar! I am a crazy girl somedays!
Deodorizer:Sprinkle baking soda on carpet, keep it on 30mins, vacuum.
There is also some great recipes for homemade laundry soap, I have yet to try! It comes out to be like .03 cents a load!! I am dying to try it! If I could just find a store that carries WASHING SODA! any one?? I cant remember the exact measurements on these cleaners, I just kinda make em the day I clean! Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity of the other natural, cheaper options out there!If you have any great tips I would love to hear them! Happy cleaning!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Holy Moly like WAY BETTER than TWILIGHT!

I am totally pumped about this new book series I have been reading. Its "THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE" by CHRIS STEWART. It is amazing and I dare to say I like it far better than TWILIGHT. yep I do. I always have a twinge of guilt for putting my life on hold for vampires..It is a series of 6 books, I am on the 5Th and I guarantee this series is just as addicting! It is written by an LDS fellow and is a fictional series about the last days. Let me just say I have never read a fictional story that has made me think so hard about the events going on in this world, and at the same time given me a better understanding of the gospel, and brought me closer to the spirit. I will never be the same because of theses books. That are just that great. They are fiction but.. well you just gotta read them to understand. PLEASE I am DYING TO HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THEM!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So after dinner last night Todd and I head upstairs to give Mykah a bath. We get up there and it is hot! Maybe its just us.. yeah.. NO. My mom and sister say the same thing. We take a look at the thermostat and it has not budged of 80. (My mom set it at 77 earlier) So we figure ok we can handle this, lets blast some fans. We finish getting Mykah ready for bed and put her down. An hour later she is still up, sweaty and pink cheeked. crap. An hour later and we are showered and all tucked into bed ..the 3 of us. Oh rolling-kicking-random sit up and laugh-thing that I call my daughter, I still love you. We get dressed and eat breakfast and heard to Wal-Mart. Grab some essential, Mac n cheese, ice cream sandwiches, rice crispy treats cereal, face wash... I get to the checkout and realize I dont have my debit(waiting on my new one old one got washed AND dryed)crap pretend to have forgotten something and bolt to asses my wallet.. 10 bucks in cash.. and my credit card. SO I run back and pay..I hate no, I loathe using a credit card. I thought about abandoning my cart payed and left.

Get home water the garden and put the dogs on the side of the house so the air conditioner guy doesn't have to deal with 3 shar peis. After some massive moving and lifting I think Ive got them blocked. An hour later still working on blocking them in. Damn dogs. Mom, I think we should donate them to the pound or butcher em. Needless to say the dogs kept escaping and the air upstairs never got fixed. No air upstairs means no nap for mykah. No nap means ..ugh I need a ginormous bowl of rice crispy treat cereal.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawnie!
Love, your sister

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our little girly

I am not a very 'monumental mom'. I never went and got newborn pics, we never did the maternity belly shots marking my 7week/ 20week/36week ...and so forth. I am not the best at marking when Mykah did this silly thing or that. A little part of me wishes I would have been better but ya live and learn! I have to even take a second to think about how old she is when someone ask! Gosh I am sounding pretty bad.. On the up I am loving having this sweet baby girl in my life. We love having a daughter.. How did I ever get through a day without her!!? She is all girl. ALL GIRL. All lipgloss wearing- fit throwing- booty shakin'- laundry helping- makeup wearing- Yo Gabba Gabba lovin- tantrum throwing(said that uh? well she throws those A LOT).. oh the drama! She is such a little momma. When I do chores around the house she is right there helping, where there is a baby she is on it! Oh man oh man she loves 'poo poos' (thats baby to her). Somedays I almost want another.. ALMOST. We will be driving in the car and Mykah will be in her seat making it known how much she 'loves' the car and I will explain to her where we are going and she will say 'jes'(yes) she wants to go and just stop. Like that. Such a silly girl! I never imagined all the work being a mom would be, but its by far the best job I ever had. EVER.