Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our little girly

I am not a very 'monumental mom'. I never went and got newborn pics, we never did the maternity belly shots marking my 7week/ 20week/36week ...and so forth. I am not the best at marking when Mykah did this silly thing or that. A little part of me wishes I would have been better but ya live and learn! I have to even take a second to think about how old she is when someone ask! Gosh I am sounding pretty bad.. On the up I am loving having this sweet baby girl in my life. We love having a daughter.. How did I ever get through a day without her!!? She is all girl. ALL GIRL. All lipgloss wearing- fit throwing- booty shakin'- laundry helping- makeup wearing- Yo Gabba Gabba lovin- tantrum throwing(said that uh? well she throws those A LOT).. oh the drama! She is such a little momma. When I do chores around the house she is right there helping, where there is a baby she is on it! Oh man oh man she loves 'poo poos' (thats baby to her). Somedays I almost want another.. ALMOST. We will be driving in the car and Mykah will be in her seat making it known how much she 'loves' the car and I will explain to her where we are going and she will say 'jes'(yes) she wants to go and just stop. Like that. Such a silly girl! I never imagined all the work being a mom would be, but its by far the best job I ever had. EVER.


Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

I am the same! I wish I had written down everything- but I guess it's never too late to start! She is such a cutie pie- attitude and all :)