Monday, August 10, 2009


So after dinner last night Todd and I head upstairs to give Mykah a bath. We get up there and it is hot! Maybe its just us.. yeah.. NO. My mom and sister say the same thing. We take a look at the thermostat and it has not budged of 80. (My mom set it at 77 earlier) So we figure ok we can handle this, lets blast some fans. We finish getting Mykah ready for bed and put her down. An hour later she is still up, sweaty and pink cheeked. crap. An hour later and we are showered and all tucked into bed ..the 3 of us. Oh rolling-kicking-random sit up and laugh-thing that I call my daughter, I still love you. We get dressed and eat breakfast and heard to Wal-Mart. Grab some essential, Mac n cheese, ice cream sandwiches, rice crispy treats cereal, face wash... I get to the checkout and realize I dont have my debit(waiting on my new one old one got washed AND dryed)crap pretend to have forgotten something and bolt to asses my wallet.. 10 bucks in cash.. and my credit card. SO I run back and pay..I hate no, I loathe using a credit card. I thought about abandoning my cart payed and left.

Get home water the garden and put the dogs on the side of the house so the air conditioner guy doesn't have to deal with 3 shar peis. After some massive moving and lifting I think Ive got them blocked. An hour later still working on blocking them in. Damn dogs. Mom, I think we should donate them to the pound or butcher em. Needless to say the dogs kept escaping and the air upstairs never got fixed. No air upstairs means no nap for mykah. No nap means ..ugh I need a ginormous bowl of rice crispy treat cereal.


Amy F. said...

LOL. That was funny to read, but not funny, jk. That sucks! Nothing worse than no AC in the dead of summer in Arizona. Ugghh! I guess you guys could donate the dogs to our house, temporarily, why not?!
I'm thinking some rice krispy cereal is what I need today too!

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Sounds like Fun times!! What would we do without AC? Can't imagine! I do Love Rice Crispy Treat cereal!