Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to save money on cleaning supplies..

Stop buying them. REALLY.
I have discovered so many ways to clean, deodorize, and disinfect my home with out buying the nasty chemical-ized cleaners. Mykah has been a real eye opener to me. As in I think a lot about what I do and how it affects her. I use to see a newly scrubbed bathroom and spik n span. That same bathroom is now "chemically" and really, every time I use Windex I get a wicked headache! So I did some research on natural cleaners. I cant even to begin to tell you about all the ways you can use ; Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Essential oils.
The amazing benefit? I can clean my home knowing that I am not breathing(we are not breathing) harmful chemicals. Oh and talk about CHEAP! Cha CHING! Vinegar and Baking soda are uber cheap! So I suggest you google some more about this! Here are my little tips!
Fabric Softener: Add to rinse cycle instead of Downy. I just fill my Downy ball with it! If you use a good smelling(i use a lavender soap) it will intensify the smell and I SWEAR your clothes will not smell like vinegar! My husband about died watching me do this the first time! Haha
Floor cleaner: 1 cup vinegar, 1 gallon warm water.(i have vinyl floors and this works)
Tub cleaner:I sprinkle Baking soda that has a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in it. Scrub and rinse.
Windows& Counters: Vinegar,water,few drops of essential oil(lavender,tea tree, eucalyptus..)
Bathroom: Vinegar, water, borax, shake well until borax dissolves. Ok in reading this I realized I had all three these ingredients.. Um I don not add vinegar and Borax. Just Borax and water and a few drops of tea tree oil! SORRY! So no vinegar! I am a crazy girl somedays!
Deodorizer:Sprinkle baking soda on carpet, keep it on 30mins, vacuum.
There is also some great recipes for homemade laundry soap, I have yet to try! It comes out to be like .03 cents a load!! I am dying to try it! If I could just find a store that carries WASHING SODA! any one?? I cant remember the exact measurements on these cleaners, I just kinda make em the day I clean! Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity of the other natural, cheaper options out there!If you have any great tips I would love to hear them! Happy cleaning!


Diana and Mason said...

I've started feeling the same way since I had Simon. I am totally trying this! My husband is hesitant, he cleans everything with windex when he cleans. Guess I'll just have to hide that from him till he is on board.