Friday, July 30, 2010

Belly Friday

Lets clarify, Yes that's a bright flash. Yes I have my 'other' shirt pulled up, and if you squint and look real close I have on an ugly concentrating face. OK? It coulda been worse.. like I could of exposed my belly....BARE!(gasp) But that would be UN modest and UN lady like..
I am 12.5 Weeks? We go into the Dr on the 6th, so excited!
We went to the mall with Nat to look for some ""missionary" clothes for her and we had fun while Mykah kinda ran wild. All the fun was ruined when I walk in my house and I spy a fat SPIDER on my COUCH! EEEKK! I HATE spiders. I would rather deal with roaches! The couch was my safe place from them.. Which I have two safe places... Roos bed and the couches. For some reason I have OCD about spiders and have to find spider-proof places I also have to pull furniture away from walls and spray raid nightly. Yuck we are calling a bug man. Little devils I do not know how they get in!!! So when I put Mykah down for a nap and she looked all cute and snuggly.. I got in beside her and cuddled that little lovey because life is short and I am safe from spiders in her bed. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling 'PatcHy'

L-this pics for you.. hhhmmm interesting! The weather here is like fall in Gilbert. Its getting me all confused! Its also really gray out and I could really use some AZ sunshine to get me motivated for the day. I have yet to shower...ugh. I guess I better get moving I mean even mykah has had a shower and is all dressed for the day ;) Last night as I was mixing some salts for mykahs bath and adding so EO, I poured in some orange EO and it reminded me of AZ. I never knew that the smell of oranges would remind me so much of winters back home. I have so many good memories of going to the Orange Patch with my mom when we were little. She would load up me and Curtie and take us on the long drive there. Well really it was not too far but when your little you think 20 mins in the car is long :) We would get there and see the little shop and the groves surrounding it and you could smell the oranges...aaahhh We would go in and see piles and piles of citrus and fun little shelves of trinkets.. It seemed we always went before Christmas so it reminds me of that as well, how we would spend forever telling my mom what we wanted for Christmas..we were boogers! When it came time to check out and pay for our boxes of citrus Curtie and I would beg and beg for a piece of rock candy(which we got) and we would leave happy. I loved that Orange Patch. It makes me realize how much I took living in AZ for granted. All the things I did not go to or did not see. Up here we always want to get out of the house so we go 'exploring' and find fun new things. When we move back I vow to 'explore' more! Promise. Now to go shower and work on my house a bit and squeeze in some snuggle time with little lovey. Belly pic tomorrow....(mom 4 u) love u.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its pretty pathetic

The condition on my table. It was a darling white when we got it for Christmas a while back. A few moves later and one wild animal with artistic tools of crayons and markers and such... well it has suffered some "damages". Now its time for an update. I cannot pick a color! I have thought a light teal, yellow, green... I love colors. But, I always tend to pick colors when really I am a neutral girl when it comes to my home. Loads of white, brown, black, carmels, you get the idea. I like my color switch-out-able. A table is not switch-out-able. My cushions are white with velvet black they don't need to match just make sense. Any ideas? (excuse the bad lighting and my freshly bathed wild haired beauty.)

On a side note is it almost fall?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Agenda

AAAAhhhhhhhahahahahahahahaha evil laugh**evil snicker***hehehe
Wild hair, wild smile

My Pro Castle Builder. We are so proud, can you feel all the love that went into this bad boy?

*Todays Agenda*
* Woke up at 7am
* Made 'faux' pancakes(yummy)
* Get dressed,I need some new clothes ugh! My belly is getting fat! I hate the not 'quite' preggo stage. Double ugh Roo needs new clothes.GGGreat.
* Head to the mall
* Naps
* Organize and finish cleaning from yesterday.
* Make some new clips for Myk.
* Make a yummy healthy dinner for my family.
* Plant our liitle garden, pics to come...
* Bathe darling daughter, bed for her.
* Alone time with Todd...Finally ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010


(enjoy this little gem I had on my comp.. curtie and roo;)Ok so its not REALLY a newsflash. Mykah just has watched the same Backyardagin episode OVER and OVER and OVER....ah(long sigh). Well I figured I better do a new post so people don't begin to think I am really as depressing as my last post!! Plus I am finally feeling better!! aka not sick all day! Just one sick spell usually and normally its in the evenings. I have a new found empathy for people that get uber sick while pregnant. UGH!! I was not this sick with Mykah, at least NOT that I remember... But that was like ten years ago! :) One last pregnant update(for my fam) its true what they say about showing sooner, I am only 11 1/2 wks and I look like I did with Myk at 3 months..eek, Luckily no weight gain yet!!, I miss family dinners. I never realized how much work goes into a FULL meal! Last night we made our own lil fam dinner. Todd made some orange roughy(which I found out is horrid to eat...HIGH in mercury..hint hint my roughy eatin friend who shall not be named!) I made salad, mashed potatoes and Rhodes rolls(yum). It was a yummy dinner but man the dishes. Oh the dishes!! haha We may come back to AZ better cooks and a Little more appreciative for family. We had a great Sunday and we really love our ward and I cant believe I am saying this sooo soon.. but I feel blessed. I am trying really hard to make the best of this situation. Anyone who knows me knows how much my family means to me. I know that Utah is where we need to be(for now) and I am blessed for a sweet husband and darling daughter, and our good health and this sweet little baby that is coming in February. So I will focus on the good things in my life and make the best of it. So I really like the blogs that do a picture a day so I am going to TRY to do that on our blog. Hopefully I will follow through and spruce my blog up a bit along the way! Lots of room puttin together to do so I am off! Maybe some before and afters???

Monday, July 12, 2010


Well I guess its time to update... Plus since we moved to Utah,we are having super fun and are wicked crazy busy!! (sarcasm) No I want all our friends and family to stay updated on our 'Utah happenings.' My family came up for the fourth and we had our own little fireworks show.. Mykah LOVED fireworks...a little too much! There is her and Todd setting off a smoke bomb and Lauren being a chicken and running away.. haha kidding L! We were glad to have some company and had fun while they were here! The other day I put on Mykahs suit and let her run through the sprinklers, she insisted on doing a little dance while I tried to snap some pics..haha She gets her sweet moves from her mom... And If you ask yourself why does she have a golf club in her hand??? Well since we moved into our house she has to have one by her or with her at ALL times...I wish I was kidding! She even sleeps with them!! She tells Todd and I there are monsters outback and she is scared. Uhh ya a little freaky! We did a couple things to 'fix' that and she is still a little freaked about noises and she still sleeps with the clubs..Oh well. Well hopefully my other updates will be more cheery and happy and more me but for now, I miss my family, I miss my friends, I really miss my nieces and nephews and sweet sis in laws. I miss my home, AZ will always be our home and hopefully someday (soon)we will be back.. I am a little bummed I have to have a baby in UT. I wanted all my kids born in AZ.. Todd wont let me come down to have it, plus that's a little irrational!! (I have till feb to convince him..)Haha Depressed yet?