Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling 'PatcHy'

L-this pics for you.. hhhmmm interesting! The weather here is like fall in Gilbert. Its getting me all confused! Its also really gray out and I could really use some AZ sunshine to get me motivated for the day. I have yet to shower...ugh. I guess I better get moving I mean even mykah has had a shower and is all dressed for the day ;) Last night as I was mixing some salts for mykahs bath and adding so EO, I poured in some orange EO and it reminded me of AZ. I never knew that the smell of oranges would remind me so much of winters back home. I have so many good memories of going to the Orange Patch with my mom when we were little. She would load up me and Curtie and take us on the long drive there. Well really it was not too far but when your little you think 20 mins in the car is long :) We would get there and see the little shop and the groves surrounding it and you could smell the oranges...aaahhh We would go in and see piles and piles of citrus and fun little shelves of trinkets.. It seemed we always went before Christmas so it reminds me of that as well, how we would spend forever telling my mom what we wanted for Christmas..we were boogers! When it came time to check out and pay for our boxes of citrus Curtie and I would beg and beg for a piece of rock candy(which we got) and we would leave happy. I loved that Orange Patch. It makes me realize how much I took living in AZ for granted. All the things I did not go to or did not see. Up here we always want to get out of the house so we go 'exploring' and find fun new things. When we move back I vow to 'explore' more! Promise. Now to go shower and work on my house a bit and squeeze in some snuggle time with little lovey. Belly pic tomorrow....(mom 4 u) love u.


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