Monday, July 12, 2010


Well I guess its time to update... Plus since we moved to Utah,we are having super fun and are wicked crazy busy!! (sarcasm) No I want all our friends and family to stay updated on our 'Utah happenings.' My family came up for the fourth and we had our own little fireworks show.. Mykah LOVED fireworks...a little too much! There is her and Todd setting off a smoke bomb and Lauren being a chicken and running away.. haha kidding L! We were glad to have some company and had fun while they were here! The other day I put on Mykahs suit and let her run through the sprinklers, she insisted on doing a little dance while I tried to snap some pics..haha She gets her sweet moves from her mom... And If you ask yourself why does she have a golf club in her hand??? Well since we moved into our house she has to have one by her or with her at ALL times...I wish I was kidding! She even sleeps with them!! She tells Todd and I there are monsters outback and she is scared. Uhh ya a little freaky! We did a couple things to 'fix' that and she is still a little freaked about noises and she still sleeps with the clubs..Oh well. Well hopefully my other updates will be more cheery and happy and more me but for now, I miss my family, I miss my friends, I really miss my nieces and nephews and sweet sis in laws. I miss my home, AZ will always be our home and hopefully someday (soon)we will be back.. I am a little bummed I have to have a baby in UT. I wanted all my kids born in AZ.. Todd wont let me come down to have it, plus that's a little irrational!! (I have till feb to convince him..)Haha Depressed yet?


LuAnne said...

You're pregnant??? Congrats!!! have fun up there in utah. I love it up there :) I told Steve if we ever had to move, I would move to Salt Lake. Mykah is such a cutie pie :)

Bryan & Celinda said...

It makes me sad to here you miss AZ!! I miss it too!!! But I PROMISE it iwll get better soon!! Think happy thoughts!!! I am looking for that Doc's # for you still I had a hard time getting back to the swing of things when I got home!! I'll call you soon...oh email me your # I lost it!!! =) Luvs!!!

Amber said...

Mykah is sooo cute. Reese has a golf club that she drags around a lot too. Maybe they can be golfing buddies when they are older. Also, I loved having Utah babies because the hospital and nurses where I delivered were awesome.

And we want to come see you guys. Jesse talks about it almost all the time.

Terri said...

It may be hard to believe, but even living in beautiful California I wished for Winslow. Finally, when I made up my mind to love it, Blake decided to move back to Winslow. "Bloom where you are planted". You have so much to share up there. Don't be sad. We love you and will come see you over Labor Day!!

Amy F. said...

Haha, loved it!! Utah is AWESOME. Remember that!! jk.
I can't wait to visit!
Mykah is too funny. That club thing is hilarious! Sammy is a lot like Mykah -she likes to dance and sing and stuff too. I love little girls!
Miss you guys tons!!!