Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elder Curtis Fetter

My top Ten

1. Curtis comes home on Thursday. To say I am excited would be a severe understatment.

2. Halloween is coming super quick! YAY! My fave holiday! Well Mykah and I love it. Todds fave is christmas.. wink wink.

3. Mykah wants to be an owl. 'Wants' is used loosely she feels she needs to be an owl! Where am I supposed to find an owl costume? Help?!

4. I just found a massive widow spider by my front door. I know who will be deep cleaning/checking every inch of our house during nap. They massive creep me out! Gross...ugh

5.Curtis come home in 2 days.....

6.Dinner. ...Pancakes. Pancakes are always awesome.

7.Curtis gets to meet Mykah for the first time!! Yay again!


9. When you ask Mykah her name she will respond 'Shara'. That probably needs to be fixed. Work on that.

10.Mykah=Drama. Anyone have any ideas on how to tame a 'free spirit' daughter, who has a cute obsession with Owls?