Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursing Woes...& Huge belly

Nursing. Oh how I loved it. I am proud to say I made it 9months plus. We had lots LOTS of issues at first. I will spare you and not name them... Oh heck I will its gonna get graphic/ honest so beware! OK first we had latching issues, I think about everyone who came to the hospital knows this or saw this(embarrassing now).;) I got thrush not once not twice but 3 times. I pumped blood on several occasions.. not just a little like 2 oz worth!! yucky! Got several blisters and mastitis.. Not to mention what my "nursing tools" look like now!! But I was so proud for making it through.. I loved the time it gave Mykah and I am sad to see it end..On the upside I lost that extra weight nursing held on to for dear life.. AND now... Ta DA! I can fit in my skinny jeans!! Oh now if we can figure out this extra skin.. ALL this extra skin! Not that any of you care! I just had to tell someone!
(This was my ginormous belly..I had no clue what I was getting into!!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Claim 2 Fame: 8 Babies+6 kids= 14 kids

Dear Nadya,
What the hell were you thinking? 6 kids, pregnant with 8? At any point in time did you maybe think enough was enough? Seriously, now your asking for donations? Your poor kids are going to suffer because of your actions. That is simply not fair. They should make a law cause of you and it should go like this;
If a person is collecting disability they cant undergo pricey fertility treatments.(how are you paying for these??) A person cannot have 14 children if they have no job, no home, no father, and pretty much NO way of supporting them or their children. Well obviously I am not a law maker.. But seriously? I normally try not to judge, however this is just insane! You are in grad school so I hope you get a kick-a job, oh and it wont hurt to marry rich ;) Just my two cents I think 14 is plenty..... By the way, you way topped Angelina Jolie.
I know this letter is kinda ornery, but I am venting!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mykah's mini Adventure

Catching leaves on the trampoline... Trying to eat them... almost succeeded..... mom saw....ruined my fun. she always does.Mykah's view.(still not giving up my snack!)

Checked out the garden daddy planted. Tried to pick the blossoms off the almond tree.

Runuculas, mommy's favorite. So pretty, tried to pick one for mom....

Petting the guard cat. You cant see my face, its the "I cant believe my mom is letting me pet this beast!" face! She is so cool!

Now that was a whole 15 minutes.. what next mom?