Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursing Woes...& Huge belly

Nursing. Oh how I loved it. I am proud to say I made it 9months plus. We had lots LOTS of issues at first. I will spare you and not name them... Oh heck I will its gonna get graphic/ honest so beware! OK first we had latching issues, I think about everyone who came to the hospital knows this or saw this(embarrassing now).;) I got thrush not once not twice but 3 times. I pumped blood on several occasions.. not just a little like 2 oz worth!! yucky! Got several blisters and mastitis.. Not to mention what my "nursing tools" look like now!! But I was so proud for making it through.. I loved the time it gave Mykah and I am sad to see it end..On the upside I lost that extra weight nursing held on to for dear life.. AND now... Ta DA! I can fit in my skinny jeans!! Oh now if we can figure out this extra skin.. ALL this extra skin! Not that any of you care! I just had to tell someone!
(This was my ginormous belly..I had no clue what I was getting into!!)


Anonymous said...

Thats so awesome that you could nurse Mykah that long. You are a trooper. I sure hope my outcome with baby number 2 is better than for Paxton.

Amy F. said...

Oh, sad sad is all I have to say when I had to stop nursing :( but, hmmm, I think, as my OB Dr. put it, "your body has a new job now..." ha ha ha!
It felt like I was losing my little baby. Still, each morning when he drinks his bottle we just sit and cuddle on the couch while I hold his bottle for him and let him play with his hair. Too cute!