Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Swimsuit!

Oh yeah I am already thinking of swimming. Well here in AZ how can you not? It get so blasted hot so fast. I have to confess I have always been a 'kini' kinda girl, but now being a mom I wanted a cute suit that's a bit more covered( i will save the kini for Todd and tanning, but dont judge if it still makes its debut!) Anyway.. I went searching high and low for a cute suit. All I could find were these I will call them 'Cancun' attire suits! I mean yeah sure I want my super toned 'buns of steel' hanging half out for all to see...(puh- lezze!) Well I decided to give the online thing a go and tried the Shade Clothing site. I ordered the Balboa top and slimmer bottom in black. LOVE LOVE IT!! I cannot believe I am spilling this seeing how I so want more of their suits, but I have to save!! They do run big( i was a small) but perfect butt coverage and perfect fit! Imagine that an online suit I love, and Mykah will be proud of her covered momma! Gotta make good choices.. most the time ;)

ps- If you rock a cute suit tell me where you got it! Ecsp if it is a cute white one ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Around here we all pitch in with the cleaning... Its totally been one of those weeks. TGIF

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet baby girl

Sweet little girl. Mykah your MY sweet little girl. Here is why love,
Today the Ensign was stewn in with the bills,junk.. Lucky day. I love when it comes! I sat down with you in one arm and my read in the other. You of course found something more interesting to do(pull on moms pant buttons) While I started to see what great articles where in store this month. Being the sneaky thing you are, you snuck up and would NOT leave my magazine alone! I was getting so annoyed! When I realized something. Silly me. I pulled you on my lap and started to show you all the pictures. My sweet girl your face got that grin when you saw the ones of your heavenly father. I thought uh, maybe I am being biased. The next page had a large picture of the savior. While I was showing you, you bent down and gave him a kiss. That Mykah is why you are my sweet girl.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Whoo-pla!

(Paityn helping Todd blow out all 26 of his b-day candles)
(Mykah chillin with uncle Todd)

Well sadly my friends I am not posting about my super fun paddleboat experience. We got to the lake at 10 mins till 7, the boats close at 7. Bummer.. I was actually pulling Todds arm to get to the boats;) So we went and got ice cream(which is always GREAT). Sunday night all of our family came over and celebrated with cake & icecream. It was so fun to have both sides together!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Todd's Day

Today you turn 26. Wow your kinda getting old..guess I better keep my mouth shut though seeing how I am not still 19 like I think I am.. I want to make this a special day just for you. I think your extra sweet, seeing how you chose a date with me instead of a camping trip;) So I in turn will be kind. I will go wherever you choose! Yep WHEREVER! Even those paddle boats at Tempe Lake you have always wanted to do, that I always say NO too.( I am secretly afraid of... What if my legs get tired in the middle of the lake? What if my boat has a leak? What if I have to go pee when I am in the middle of the lake?.. I really could go on..) So make it count after all you only turn 26 once! Love,
Your Best Friend & her trusty sidekick( mnbn )She typed "i luv u"

This was last year at Christmas. We had gone to visit my grandpa fetter. You were so kind to remind mom to keep her eyes OPEN for the picture! oh I thought it was great how like only 3 of us are looking.. maybe ya shoulda helped out the rest of us!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome to motherhood...

Mykah and I were/are sick.. together. Welcome to motherhood! I have never felt so crappy and my poor little girl.. I cant imagine how she feels! This was my first time dealing with feeling like I wanna die/ having to take care of a sick baby. My hat goes off to moms all over! I never imagined how HARD it would truly be. Tearing yourself out of bed feeling like your gonna die and knowing you have to give 100% to a little life completley dependent on YOU! Luckily my sweet husband helped me out a ton! Taking her downstairs at 2am..she WouLD NOT go back to bed, just so I could sleep. Giving us both dinner, entertaining roo.. all the good stuff. Man I am not gonna lie this momstuff is hard work! Lets just say this has cured my baby hunger;)