Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Swimsuit!

Oh yeah I am already thinking of swimming. Well here in AZ how can you not? It get so blasted hot so fast. I have to confess I have always been a 'kini' kinda girl, but now being a mom I wanted a cute suit that's a bit more covered( i will save the kini for Todd and tanning, but dont judge if it still makes its debut!) Anyway.. I went searching high and low for a cute suit. All I could find were these I will call them 'Cancun' attire suits! I mean yeah sure I want my super toned 'buns of steel' hanging half out for all to see...(puh- lezze!) Well I decided to give the online thing a go and tried the Shade Clothing site. I ordered the Balboa top and slimmer bottom in black. LOVE LOVE IT!! I cannot believe I am spilling this seeing how I so want more of their suits, but I have to save!! They do run big( i was a small) but perfect butt coverage and perfect fit! Imagine that an online suit I love, and Mykah will be proud of her covered momma! Gotta make good choices.. most the time ;)

ps- If you rock a cute suit tell me where you got it! Ecsp if it is a cute white one ;)


LuAnne said...

Try - Their swimsuits are awesome!!!

Joy said...

modbe is really good! I love shade and modbe but have problems with the tops fitting right because of my lovely bust :). I am jealous of all you cute girls out there that look good in everything!!

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

I'm excited you got a cute suit! Modbe and Layers have really cute ones too. You guys are welcome to come swim anytime! I'm sure we'll be there everyday this summer! Can't wait! Love you girls!