Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet baby girl

Sweet little girl. Mykah your MY sweet little girl. Here is why love,
Today the Ensign was stewn in with the bills,junk.. Lucky day. I love when it comes! I sat down with you in one arm and my read in the other. You of course found something more interesting to do(pull on moms pant buttons) While I started to see what great articles where in store this month. Being the sneaky thing you are, you snuck up and would NOT leave my magazine alone! I was getting so annoyed! When I realized something. Silly me. I pulled you on my lap and started to show you all the pictures. My sweet girl your face got that grin when you saw the ones of your heavenly father. I thought uh, maybe I am being biased. The next page had a large picture of the savior. While I was showing you, you bent down and gave him a kiss. That Mykah is why you are my sweet girl.


Becca Boo said...

Oh Shara! That is so sweet. What a little angel you have. I am not sure why we had to wait so long for her to get her, but I know she will continue to bless all. It just reminds me of all of the times we have been told that the most valient one's were saved to come in the end. What a good mommy you are.

Lauren said...

Aww...Thats soo cute! Your welcome for the swim suit. you'll have to put it on her and post it on YOUR blog and i'll post it too:)

Bryan & Celinda said...

Oh I love it!! Your such a good little mommy!! I am so proud of you!! You & Todd are blessed with such a 'savior' in your lives...aka Mykah!!! I love your sweet little girl!! She always makes me smile!! Love ya Shara!! You guys will have to come over sometime this weekend of you guys don't have other plans. :)

Amy F. said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! I am not surprised ;)