Friday, March 13, 2009

Todd's Day

Today you turn 26. Wow your kinda getting old..guess I better keep my mouth shut though seeing how I am not still 19 like I think I am.. I want to make this a special day just for you. I think your extra sweet, seeing how you chose a date with me instead of a camping trip;) So I in turn will be kind. I will go wherever you choose! Yep WHEREVER! Even those paddle boats at Tempe Lake you have always wanted to do, that I always say NO too.( I am secretly afraid of... What if my legs get tired in the middle of the lake? What if my boat has a leak? What if I have to go pee when I am in the middle of the lake?.. I really could go on..) So make it count after all you only turn 26 once! Love,
Your Best Friend & her trusty sidekick( mnbn )She typed "i luv u"

This was last year at Christmas. We had gone to visit my grandpa fetter. You were so kind to remind mom to keep her eyes OPEN for the picture! oh I thought it was great how like only 3 of us are looking.. maybe ya shoulda helped out the rest of us!


Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Happy Birthday Todd!! Hope it's a fun one!

Amy F. said...

How cute! Yeah, I heard you guys went on the paddle boats!! How fun -I never even thought of doing that for a date...Shawn might take a little convincing.
Happy Birthday Todd!
(Mykah had fun with Dax. She seemed to miss her Mommy and Daddy for a minute or two though ;)

Becca Boo said...

Happy late Birthday Todd. I hope everything is going good for you guys. You are both such wonderful people, and I appreaciate both of your examples. Let me know if I can do anything for you.