Monday, August 25, 2008


Mykah was a dream baby when she first came home from the hospital. She would sleep all the time and was an angel. It was bliss. While it lasted....Well lately she has traded her halo for horns!! This girl is so sporadic at naps its not funny. One day there 2 hours long other days 30 minutes. Then she teases us and sleeps all through the night for a week and off and on for another. The next week she wakes up 3 times every night all week! AHAHAH seriously I was not a bad baby so I do not know why I am being punished! So here she is looking all cute! Its a good thing she's cute or else!!! She is not fussy when she is up. I would just like to be able to get something done like LAUNDRY! Oh well! There is always tomorrow. Surely this cant last too long.............

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Visiting

As you can tell poor Mykah was exhausted after going into my old work! We decided to go in today to visit grandma.(my mom works there) It was almost nap time so she was a tad cranky but it was still fun. It sure made me miss work I had so much fun working in preschool then as an aide in kindergarten. All the kids in my old class kept telling me "Ms Shara your baby is so cute" "I love her big flower!" "Her cheeks sure are big" haha It was always so fun to hear the funny things kids say! Now I get to hang out with Mykah all day and I would not trade that for anything! Oh by the way if you like Mykah's HUGE flower check out my site I am selling them!