Thursday, March 5, 2009

Welcome to motherhood...

Mykah and I were/are sick.. together. Welcome to motherhood! I have never felt so crappy and my poor little girl.. I cant imagine how she feels! This was my first time dealing with feeling like I wanna die/ having to take care of a sick baby. My hat goes off to moms all over! I never imagined how HARD it would truly be. Tearing yourself out of bed feeling like your gonna die and knowing you have to give 100% to a little life completley dependent on YOU! Luckily my sweet husband helped me out a ton! Taking her downstairs at 2am..she WouLD NOT go back to bed, just so I could sleep. Giving us both dinner, entertaining roo.. all the good stuff. Man I am not gonna lie this momstuff is hard work! Lets just say this has cured my baby hunger;)


Amy F. said...

What a rough few days that must have been. So far I have been lucky -Dax and I have never been sick at the same time really. When I've been sick he is pretty easy to entertain, but I can't imagine being sick and taking care of him sick!!
I'm glad you guys are better now. We are gonna have to come visit tomorrow for sure!