Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Roo..

Here kitty kitty. Mykah LOVES anything that moves and that unfortunately means the mean boy cat named Maggie. Yeah "boy" cat named mags. Long story short I got him in 7Th grade thought he was a she (hence the name).... Found some 'un' girl parts had my grandpa who is a veterinarian check him and it was a done deal. Besides I don't know any girl cats who would have the balls to attack huge dogs and this cat can be pretty ornery. None the less Mykah finds him uber entertaining.
How can you NOT crack a smile with that cheesy grin? Love this girl!


Bryan & Celinda said...

ok so that is the cutest thing EVER!! You still need to show me your bow secrets!! That one Mykah has on is adorable!!! Miss ya!!!