Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mykah Rory Hancock

Today exactly one year ago I was up walking models house with my mother-in-law Sheila trying to keep my contractions coming. I had woken up at 3.30am with cramping and thought maybe this could be it. Living almost an hour away from the hospital and already having one false THIS IS IT we decided to go back to sleep. After all if I was in labor I was gonna hurt and these did not hurt. Well not much later I woke up again this time we timed them they were a steady 10 min apart. We packed our bags called our parents and headed to the valley. Oh boy little did I know it would take a full day of walking and timing contractions. Sheila and I went to every model houses we could find(at least I felt like it) I wanted to keep these contractions strong and coming! I did NOT want to be induced! Well Todd met up with us later in the day and walked some homes with us. Contractions are stubborn! I would get them every 5 then they would start to space back out! Finally they were coming pretty consistent and starting to hurt. Finally when they got 5 min apart I decided I needed to go home and shower and get ready to go to the hospital. Todd and I drove home and I jumped in the shower panicking I was gonna stink like a sweaty dog when I had this baby! While Todd sat in the bathroom counting my contractions. (my family delivers really fast once we get to a six, and I had no clue what I was) SO I dry my hair, screw the makeup! Get downstairs and am trying to see how much longer I can brave it. Finally I gave up! LETS GO NOW TODD and we drove to the hospital. You know that feeling where YOU want to drive cause ya know you could be going faster running lights and all?? Oh I felt it! We waited in the car till my contraction was done then rushed in! Well I must not have been your typical moaning prego gal cause the nurse asked me if we could walk to triage. 'Oh HELL lady I am gonna kill ya' musta been the look I gave her cause she got me a chair 'super speedy'. When they checked me @ 7pm I was at 5 1/2 cm. They got me all set up and an hour later I got my epidural. I WANTED TO TAKE NO CHANCES OF HAVING THIS BABY NATURAL. A little later they broke my water and after 30 min of pushing and a lot of burning down there(ripping like no other) she was here. They layed her on my tummy while they took another 30 min to stitch me up and towards the end I could feel the stitching SO FUN but as long as I had my baby I was fine. We were lucky to have both of our mom's there to welcome little Mykah. Todd and I thought for months about her name. Piper, Scarlett, Isabella, Chloe, were some of my faves and up till right before we had her it was going to be Isabella Marie when we thought of Mica. Of course we changed the spelling. Mykah is named after her grandpa Michael also Todd first name, Todd is his middle. We are so proud that she carries a name with such great importance to us. Mykah is our miracle what better name for her than to be named after her loving grandpa who was a great man. It brakes my heart that she will never know him hear on this earth, nor will I but we have felt him so close with that sweet baby girl that is our daughter. I know without a shadow of a doubt that that girl is very dear to him. We are so lucky to have this sweet spirit in our home. She is such a blessing to us and is so full of spunk and character. Mykah we love you with all our heart Happy Birthday baby girl!


Amy F. said...

Oh, how funny, I just left a comment on your last post, came back and saw this post, so, again
I love that girl. We are gonna party with our little ones!

Anonymous said...

So glad her and Paxton are so close in age. I cant believe its already been a year. She sure is a cutie. She will have the same birthday as Anastyn, Kameron and Gina's new little girl!

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Happy Birthday Mykers! We love you tons! You have the cutest little personality! Can't wait to celebrate!

Becca Boo said...

Shara - I am sitting here crying like a baby. I can't believe she is a year old all ready. What a special blessing little Mykah is to everyone. I am sure her Grandpa would be very proud of you and Todd. I love you guys.