Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Troubled times call for a simpler life

We are obviously living in troubled times. A while back(don't remember when exactly) President Packer spoke about the trials we are facing these days in this time, his talk was very frank and to the point. I really wish I could remember when I heard it! However the thing that really sunk in to my soul was how amidst all the chaos it is still a wonderful time to be raising children and a wonderful time to be alive. I cant think of many who have not been affected one way or another in these tough times. We have all heard about the failing economy, and I find it hard some days to find the positive in my own life. I hate those days, but I am happy to say they are coming less and less;) just keepin it real.. sorry. I know mine have to do with things other then just the economy but all the same they are there. Going back to President Packers talk about it being a wonderful time to raise a family... I remind myself of how wonderful it is to have the simple things in life; food, clothing, shelter, my babies tummy full, my family, sweet friends, and so much more. When I focus on the good it always seems "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION"(watch the movie the secret) kicks in and viola I have even more to be grateful for. It is a wonderful time to be raising a family, it is a wonderful time to be alive. Sometimes I am guilty of making life so much harder then it has to be.. but I am finally learning to be happy with what I was given no matter if it pertains to my housing situation or the clothes I wear, or the body I have. My circumstances have not changed but I have. I am grateful to be have such a sweet little girl, a HOT husband who is always willing to help, loving family who has allowed us to stay with them, family who has shown so much love and support, loving friends and sisters who allow me to vent and forget life with.. blah blah blah... Life is simple, its me that complicates it.

Well I have to admit I kinda got off subject. I was gonna post some cleaning tips for Organic cleaners.. Organic cleaners.. being simple.. simple times.. see where I was going.. yea prob not;) That being said now I use my time to blog about being grateful. Cleaners will have to wait till tomorrow. Yes I procrastinate ALL the TIME. I like to blame it on the I still have a new baby.. only now she is 1 and I am kinda not getting by with that anymore;)


Stew and Traci said...

Loved this post. It so easy to get wrapped up with the circumstances of life and I too have been trying to let the circumstances go and just start living. Breathing more, finding things to laugh for, and loving more. Thanks for this post! Love ya!

Amy F. said...

Shara, I loved that. I needed to hear that. I know how easy it is to get hung up on the trivial things in life. I feel so blessed to have you guys as my family, and to be married to Shawn. He is who he is today because of the wonderful family he was raised in. Dax is so blessed to have you as his family!!