Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its pretty pathetic

The condition on my table. It was a darling white when we got it for Christmas a while back. A few moves later and one wild animal with artistic tools of crayons and markers and such... well it has suffered some "damages". Now its time for an update. I cannot pick a color! I have thought a light teal, yellow, green... I love colors. But, I always tend to pick colors when really I am a neutral girl when it comes to my home. Loads of white, brown, black, carmels, you get the idea. I like my color switch-out-able. A table is not switch-out-able. My cushions are white with velvet black they don't need to match just make sense. Any ideas? (excuse the bad lighting and my freshly bathed wild haired beauty.)

On a side note is it almost fall?