Friday, July 30, 2010

Belly Friday

Lets clarify, Yes that's a bright flash. Yes I have my 'other' shirt pulled up, and if you squint and look real close I have on an ugly concentrating face. OK? It coulda been worse.. like I could of exposed my belly....BARE!(gasp) But that would be UN modest and UN lady like..
I am 12.5 Weeks? We go into the Dr on the 6th, so excited!
We went to the mall with Nat to look for some ""missionary" clothes for her and we had fun while Mykah kinda ran wild. All the fun was ruined when I walk in my house and I spy a fat SPIDER on my COUCH! EEEKK! I HATE spiders. I would rather deal with roaches! The couch was my safe place from them.. Which I have two safe places... Roos bed and the couches. For some reason I have OCD about spiders and have to find spider-proof places I also have to pull furniture away from walls and spray raid nightly. Yuck we are calling a bug man. Little devils I do not know how they get in!!! So when I put Mykah down for a nap and she looked all cute and snuggly.. I got in beside her and cuddled that little lovey because life is short and I am safe from spiders in her bed. Happy Friday!


Joy said...

Cute picture- you don't even look pregnant yet! We've had a few spiders in my house and I HATE them! I almost touched one on accident- I was freaked out for days.