Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todays Agenda

AAAAhhhhhhhahahahahahahahaha evil laugh**evil snicker***hehehe
Wild hair, wild smile

My Pro Castle Builder. We are so proud, can you feel all the love that went into this bad boy?

*Todays Agenda*
* Woke up at 7am
* Made 'faux' pancakes(yummy)
* Get dressed,I need some new clothes ugh! My belly is getting fat! I hate the not 'quite' preggo stage. Double ugh Roo needs new clothes.GGGreat.
* Head to the mall
* Naps
* Organize and finish cleaning from yesterday.
* Make some new clips for Myk.
* Make a yummy healthy dinner for my family.
* Plant our liitle garden, pics to come...
* Bathe darling daughter, bed for her.
* Alone time with Todd...Finally ;)


Lauren said...

Now im missing u two BAD!
:( comeeee baaacccckkk!!!