Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i Am LoSiNg My MiND

NO really its Gone! Someone help me! The minute my sweet little girl popped out so did my FREAKING mind...... For example ......... Ask me to do something and you can count on me to forget! I can tell you a whole story get to the END and forget what I was telling you about in the first place! THE only thing I would be good at right now is keeping secrets! So your secrets are safe with this forgetful MoMMA! Seriously though is there like a SMART PILL I can take? I know I cant be the only person this has happened to! Or maybe I am? Any other moms out there with advice? SO until I get help I am pleading temporary insanity.


Stew and Traci said...

I am working on a pill for memory enhancement after birth but until i get it all formulated there is something i believe called a "happy pill" hahahaha. Welcome to Motherhood now you know i wasnt lying when I said I had lost my

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

This is so me too. But it started happening at conception. I was a complete airhead when I was pregnant and was looking forward to being smart again when I had Porter and well...I am still waiting for my brain. I think its heavenly Father's way of making us have more kids. haha. But they are well worth it.

And yeah we do need to get together for a playdate and more importantly so I can hold that sweet little girl! Let me know what your schedule is like!!