Friday, September 12, 2008

We LOVE this girl

Wrapped around her cute tiny little finger.... That is what we are. Mykah has so much spunk and personality you cant help but get wrapped up with her! I love how with each day I get to see her personality grow. So here is Mykah being cute and us loving the cute Mykah! Notice the blurry hands.. Flapping in progress!
Cute pinchy cheeks AHH I can not take it MUST SQUEEZE!
Chew chew chew!
I am the KISSER and she is the KISSEE


Amy F. said...

I think I know WHY you love that girl, because I do too! She is the cutest, sweetest thing!
What cool pictures too. How did you do that? I love the colors and her outfit.
Aren't the kisses the best??! I can't wait to pinch those cheeks.

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

She is such a Cutie! I need to see her and You! We need to get together! Can't wait till we are practically neighbors! Cute pictures!!