Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas

It was Mykahs first Christmas, and Todd's first year to be 'Santa". If you know Todd you know how much he LOVES Christmas... just ask his family! I think he was more excited than Mykah to wake up and watch her open presents. (OK OK it was me who opened Mykah's presents early not Todd. Ill try not to mention the fact that the presents were not even under the tree for 4 hours before I opened them. Yes that is right I could not even wait for 4 hours. So Todd had to hide the presents from me so I wouldn't open all of her presents before Christmas. Yes he hid them in a locked closet. Just ask Lauren she will agree to this.) Little did I know I would get one too! Todd surprised me with flowers.. It was so sweet he had a cute little poem to go with them oh I love that boy! Well anywhoo here is the princess Mykah enjoying her first Christmas....
It took her no time at all to figure out that under all the ugly paper was some pretty rad stuff!

OOh La La!
Mykah and Santa

Christmas eve we spent with my Dad's side at my Aunt and Uncles house. Every year we eat clam chowder and chat and the last couple years Santa has made an appearance! Mykah and Dax, Tayler and Caden loved him! Paityn and Carter thought he was a bit scary! I am betting next year Mykahs not so fond of him!
P.S. - The writing in red was Todd! I went to change Mykahs Diaper and Todd came in and said "oh no no! That is not how it went down!" He took it upon himself to write his comments. So while he is standing over my shoulder I have to leave his comments there! It is a family blog! Yes I was naughty, Yes I learned my lesson! (No I did not learn my lesson. I do this every year!)He married a peeker, aren't we all guilty of peeking?(no only shara peeks!)

Hope everyone had a memorable Christmas!(peekers and non peekers)


Lauren said...

HaHa! so true sister... Peeker....
love you (even though ur a peeker),
P.S. Mykah loved her sheep..right?

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Naughty little Shara! What a fun first Christmas for Mykah- she is such a Cutie! We need to get back to walking (or jogging)!! Hope Mykah is feeling better!