Wednesday, January 26, 2011

countdown to baby

Baby S,

Here are all our happenings for the past few days....... Your Sister has gotten very clingy these last few weeks to .... YOUR DADDY! I am sure you will adore him just as much as she does. Part of your unfinished room.... Your Sister was a big helper in fixing up your room. She was so excited to put your little diapers in the bin, and help paint :) (I borrowed things from sisters room for yours..I am not sure where we will be in a year and so I would rather fix up and decorate BOTH your rooms later when I know we will be somewhere more permanent!) haha

Whenever I feel like I am gonna be pregnant forever I sneak into your room and look at all your Girly things and get soooo excited....

Picture taken by your little sister I was ordered:'Mom, Look SURPRISED!' All the other pictures she took were of doors, walls and ceilings.....
As for other news we went to the Dr on Monday and I am dilated to 1cm and 70% effaced. Meaning well pretty much nothing! Monday night though the baby dropped a TON. It was pretty cool cause I never could tell with Mykah and with this baby I most definitely could feel her way lower. The Dr talked about inducing me on Feb 2ND. He said he was worried with us only being in the hospital 3 1/2 hrs before we had Mykah. At first I was against it but after thinking it over with Todd we both decided that it may be a good choice for us. Being that all our family is out of state and my body showing signs of labor we don't feel its going to put me or baby at risk.
If we were in AZ I would be saying 'no way' just an FYI.


Amy F. said...

I love LOVE it!!!! I'm so in love with your style and taste!
Roo is such a daddy's girl, but she is your best buddy too.
If I'm this excited for Baby S, than I can't imagine how you feel!!
And being induced sounds like a good idea, with all the things that could happen - not a bad idea for you and the baby's safety considering how fast you had Mykah. You'll be totally fine!!! That's really soon too!! Yay!
Can't wait to meet her, so you better believe I'll be up there soon! (I might not make it up until the 14th :( ).