Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mykah Rory Hancock

OK so seriously our sweet little baby girl is already 6 weeks old. Which is oh so sad! So these are a tad bit late, but quit complaining better late the never right? Here is a quick birth recap: April 23 we went into the hospital and I was already dilated to 5 1/2cm at 7pm when we checked in and by 10:30 Ms Mykah had joined our family! She came after less than 30 minutes of pushing. I know what your thinking wow that was a fast delivery but trust me I paid a price!! She weighed in at 7lbs and 4oz. It was such a relief to finally have her here! We fell in love with her the second we saw her. She is absolutely perfect! Everyday she is here we fall more and more in love with her sweet little spirit!


Kameron & Gina Lee said...

Oh she is so cute! I am so glad there are pictures now! I need to come visit you! Let me know when you want a visitor, I would love to be able to chat with you. Its been a long time!