Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay so this pretty much sums up where all my time has been going today. Like I should totally be doing laundry. RIGHT NOW. But as you can see this came first.(at least I have my prioritize straight) So my question is SCHEDULES. To have one or not to have one that is MY question. I swear this girl came home such an angel. I assumed she would just fall into some sort of routine. Yeah right. I was so young and naive. Now that Mykah is coming up to 5 months(and I have matured oh so much);) I think I better figure something out. SOON............. So I am kinda liking the whole Babywise thing. Only it feels like she sleeps a lot of little 45 minute naps after her 'awake' time, and the whole let herself fall asleep thing....... Yeah I think not. She screams and screams to the point of ALMOST throwing up. I even make sure she is really tired before! I would just like some kinda routine for her. Is that too much to ask? Well now that I think about it I guess I kinda have one.... It would just be nice if she followed it. Surely I cant be the only new mom who cant seem to get things done. I really should not complain cause she is such a doll most the day being happy and smiley. However I would like her to take naps. Yeah naps would be nice. Real NICE!


LuAnne said...

Addison use to take like 6 little 30 minute cat naps everyday. It drove me crazy! But now she takes a 3 hour nap every afternoon. She just started doing that on her own one day. To get her to go to sleep every night @ 8 we just put her in her crib & she cried herself to sleep the first night. After that she was use to the schedule. Aiden cried for about a week until he figured it out. I guess every kid is different. Sometimes they have to cry for an hour or so, but it usually works after a few days.

Jesse & Amber said...

I have no advice, but I do have the same problem. Yesterday I was crying because I've been planning all week to write a paper during her naps, but she would only nap for 20-30 minutes twice a day and I was going out of my mind, falling behind in school and my house was a wreck. Today she's been napping for two hours... of course, since my paper was due yesterday! And the crying it out thing? Jesse and I seriously thought she was going to DIE after about 20 minutes! I don't know if it's just new parent sensitivity, but I have a feeling most kids that cry it out are NOT crying like that--it was scary. So if you figure something out, let me know, ok?
oh, my layout:

Mykah sure is cute though. We're sad you guys couldn't make it camping.

LuAnne said...
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LuAnne said...

After you have 2 kids (especially if the 2nd one is a screamer!) you learn to ignore the crying. Steve literally had to hold me back when we were trying to get Aiden to learn to sleep on a schedule, I couldn't stand to let him cry. It takes time, but eventually they learn. I usually get them use to the bedtime schedule, & then I work them into nap time & yes I do let them scream for a little while. Once they get use to it though, they know it's naptime & they usually just sit & talk to themselves until they fall asleep, or they go right to bed. I was the same way though with Aiden - I hated to let him cry! But Addison cries all the time, so she's made it easy for me! Haha. I think it gets easier the older they get. That's my novel for the day!

Amy F. said...

That is the question, I know!! I remember Dax going down for his afternoon nap (one of the many ;), and after he cried for a good 10 minutes or so my nerves would just be shot. I couldn't bare it, but once it stopped... oh, the relief!
My favorite feeling in the world (for now anyway) is after they drift off to sleep and you know they are at peace, resting and dreaming.
You're doing great with her!!