Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What we have been up to...

It seems like all I post about is Mykah! Then I think about it and all I do is Mykah! So here is what we have been up to.. Mykah started rice cereal on her 6 month mark and LOVES it. She feels like such a big girl eating food now! As you can see she is not the cleanest eater and I am not the cleanest food feeder so we make for a good messy team!

Mykah and her stares. She is so serious when she wants to be, but she keeps us laughing all the time. Oh and a while back I blogged on how I could not get Mykah to nap well I found a way. I mentioned Babywise and how I had just started. Well it is amazing! AMAZING I cannot praise it enough. It has made such a difference in her demeanor and her sleep. The last two nights she slept right through! Which for her is massive improvment! Let me tell you this girl has a habit of waking like up to 3 times a night.. after 6 months of doing that you get insane! So hopefully she keeps it up. Nap times are great, in her crib she goes and she is out! 2 times a day for about an 1 1/2 or longer! I love it I feel like I can finally get things done.

Applesauce and Rice cereal. She hated the applesauce at first!

My little Bumblebee. We had our ward Trunk or Treat last night and Mykah was so grouchy so none of these pics show a smile:( (I will get better ones on halloween!) The antennas kept poking us in the eye making us crack up! She kept seeing the little yellow balls and tried to grab them! Therefore making her head move like crazy and continuing to whack us! Happy Trunk or Treat!


You asked how much hair Mykah use to have and here it is! SO sad uh? She went like totally bald. Oh well she rocks the mohawk......

Friday, October 24, 2008

My sweet daughter,

Oh where Oh where does the time go? As I box up itty bitty socks, little nightgowns and all sorts of bitty baby things I am realizing you are growing up. Oh its a harsh reality, one I am not yet ready to face. It seemed like an ETERNITY to get you here. In our eyes you are truly a miracle and we feel so blessed to have you in our lives. What was one of my hardest trials produced one of my biggest blessings. You. I have a testimony that "Our time is not always the Lords time." Before I realized this truth though, my heart would just ache when I saw a pregnant girl. Every girl around me was pregnant, just had a baby, or had a family. For some time it hurt I allowed these thoughts to hurt those around me. I became very angry. I wanted so badly to experience pregnancy. I was so absorbed in what I did not have and how everyone else had what I wanted. It was not fair to me. Why could other girls just WHAM get pregnant but your daddy and I not? That's when I started to gain a testimony that "Our time is not always the Lords time." I would like to tell you that I woke up one morning and realized this but not so. When the Lord finally decided it was our time the 'magical stick' FINALLY said what I had hoped for for a LONG time. PREGNANT. I knew that our struggle was only half over. I needed to get this baby here safe. At our 7 week check a hemorrhage was found (i kinda freaked) but they said just pelvic rest and it should dissolve. At our next check up which was only a few weeks later the hemorrhage was huge it grew to 7 cm! That was like bigger than your precious body! Now they gave me bed rest, no work no anything just worrying about you! AHAHAH I kinda went crazy. How could this happen it took so long to even get pregnant. I am sad to say my faith started to falter. I prayed and prayed and prayed and I was renewed in knowing that the Lord knows what is best and I have to have faith and truly trust in his plan for me. The hemorrhage slowly dissolved and I had a healthy pregnancy. I loved being pregnant with you. I loved feeling your little kicks and turns,and dreaming what you would look like. I was able to get through the ups and downs of pregnancy, because I knew it was a blessing to be pregnant! I will never forget the sweet feeling I had when you were finally placed in my arms. You are a miracle baby in our eyes and we are so grateful for you. So as you grow from my little baby I once longed for to a big girl that is 6 months old. As I replace those itty bitty clothes with what seem like BIG GIRL ones, I reflect on the past and am excited for the future. So Mykah I hope I can teach you faith and patience and love for this gospel that brings us joy and happiness. I am so blessed to be entrusted with raising such a special spirit. We chose to have you, to become parents. I longed to hold my sweet baby and here you are. I love you Mykah Girl. With all my heart. Stay sweet and true to yourself and always put the lord first in all you do and you will find true happiness. Love, Mom