Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boutique & Farley

Well Last weekend was super busy! I decided last minute to make some things for a boutique. Man I don't know what I was thinking! I had two days to finish all my clips and headbands. It was my first boutique and I was really happy with how the finished products turned out. The name I decided on for my flowers is Posh Petals. However, after doing all that work I decided I would rather stick to just making them for fun! Figures.

Can you find Farley?

yep that little white pup in the pic is my daughters new favorite thing. Mykah loves that stinking little white dog with all her little heart. She is so sweet to him, he takes naps with her goes shopping with her and last week he made an appearance at church with us! When she gets fussy we just whip out Farley and she is happy! That's what I get for saying how good she has been with not getting attached to things! Anything for you Mykah!


Deb N Stu said...

Hi Shara,
This is Debbie Bowles! How are you doing? Your daighter is so cute, she looks just like a Fetter.

What Boutique did you do the bows for?


Becca Penrod said...

Good job - Do you cute Beanies with the flowers? A friend of mine has a little girl that just got diagnosed with bone cancer (She just turned 4), and the treatments are already making her loose her hair. Do you make headbands to fit 4 year olds? It looks like I might be down there for a few days right before Christmas, I would love to take you guys to dinner or something. Thanks! You are amazing!

Amy F. said...

Amazing! That is a lot of work. I so love the name too. You can make them for fun, but you can't let all the pretty little girls in the world be without your headbands!
I didn't know about Farley? I am laughing because that is so funny and cute. I love little things like that that just cheer them up. I'm still searching ;)

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

They are all soo cute! You did such an Awesome job! Mykah is a lucky little girl- always having fun flowers!

Christoria said...

Hi Shara! I'm so glad I got to meet little Mykah. She is sooooo cute. I can't believe you made all those headbands. They sure are amazing.