Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lots of change

1. i had a baby
2. i moved back to az
3. mykah turned 3
4. my brother got married to a darling girl
5. two trips back and forth to ut with a newborn...yikes
i guess i better start catching up!


e.m. said...

Dang girl! Way to keep life interesting. :) Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Miss you friend.

Whitaker Family said...

That is a lot of new changes!! You deserve to have a break, but I do want to see some updated photos of your darling girls!! You make me so excited to be a mother to a daughter. You just make it look so fun!! I hope I can pull it off!! Keep me updated on how things are going. It is probably getting hot in AZ... Being 71/2 months pregnant, I am glad that it won't get that hot here until after I have the wee one. Keep in touch Shara, I miss seeing you.