Friday, December 3, 2010


I was asked for a good part of the morning to let her go out and play in the snow. I finally caved and figured she would only play for like 5 minutes max. Not so, she was out there for at least an half hour just stomping up and down the driveway. Pleased as punch she finally got out of the house.

Till she found a icky yucky bug. Ah girls! I was told to "go ahead, go kill it momma. I will wait here."

Christy, Me, Lauren, and Sheridan..... Amy I am not sure why you weren't in it with us xoxo!
See my massive belly? Ten weeks left thank you, and I went back Blonde! I needed a little change-me-upper!

Anywhoo, I absolutely love L.O.V.E. this time of year, especially seeing how we get to spend it in REAL snow! I am so gonna be a legend when we move back to AZ. Ha ha! Ya if only it were that easy! I am dying with this cold and its not even 'winter' yet! I miss the good ole AZ sun... But really even I cant be grumpy with snow when it makes everything look so darn pretty. Mykah loves all the snow and gets so excited to run out and play in it any chance she gets! Funny girl. Sooo not my child, Totally Todd's :)

We were lucky to be able to go down to AZ for Thanksgiving. Mykah was a trooper the drive down and back up, me well I could have not done the 15 hrs it took us to get back home due to the snow.To say the least we will be staying put till march..wink*wink* Happy Friday!