Monday, December 27, 2010


Keeping it real with the messy Christmas morning house. Ah gotta love it! Opening her stocking, LOVE the face & sweet bedhead

Her "Santa" gift: A pink kitchen... She TOTALLY has loved that thing!
Last well actually first but who cares.. Roo and I sprinkling magic reindeer food in the lawn (aka oats with hairspray and glitter along with a dash of Christmas sprinkles. Lucky reindeer!) Also dont mind my chubby cheeks....This little girly is gonna be soooo worth it! But DO notice how my shoes are sinking into the snow BRRRR

Favorite part of the day: Roo in disbelief that Santa REALLY did eat the cookies and milk. Along with our yummy christmas day feast! That put all of us in a mad food coma! Merry Christmas


Amy F. said...

Those pics are the best!!! Thank you!!!
Merry Christmas!
Mykah is a lucky girl (and so is the little one on the way ;))!!

Terri said...

I love reading your blog. So glad you and Mykah (and Todd) are doing great. Love you all, Aunt Terri