Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have seen so many cute advent calenders done and thought I would attempt to make one. Mykah was a great little helper. She did an awesome job glittering the envelopes, so good that my kitchen floor was glittered just as good. It was pretty rad all those sparkles in our house.... Anyway she saw these cute little 'birdies' at the craft store and we threw some of those in and the leftovers on our real tree..hehe I had some leftover rhinestones and threw some in the branches for fun and a little more sparkle... Look closer and you will see our little branch/tree is anchored in RICE... sweet eh? It was a fun little afternoon project short and sweet and really messy! Just the kind of project we like!
P.S. We filled the envelopes with little activity's to do each day, a random chocolate square here and there and a few little toys we snagged in the dollar section at walmart. We are so excited for christmas! (mainly cuz it means I am that much closer to meeting unnamed baby girl..:)


Amy F. said...

DARLING!! And Awesome, and Adorable! I love it!