Saturday, December 11, 2010


I am in major nesting phase. Clean, organize, and put together every room phase is more like it! Only I am a complicated girl and I am making things hard on myself because I LIKE NO COLORS! I want a white nursery with touches of brown(crib) and cream with TONS of texture and glam. I would like a simple unfussy room for this baby that can be combined later on with Mykah's. Oh and I am on a mad tight budget! SO here are a few ideas I found that I really like... I LOVE the ties on the top of these curtains... darling maybe a DYI? *Help mom??
I love LOVE this shade of green.....

I like how clean this nursery feels. Plus, I have a wicker chair like this one that is already painted silver.
And I will take this striped chair please! Maybe just incorporate the pattern in the room? Also those darling butterfly shades.. So cute and SO me! Maybe I can make some?


Amy F. said...

I LOVE all those ideas!!! And yes, they are SO you ;)

I can't WAIT to see her.. AND the room :) :)