Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For you Lauren, click bigger to read. I wanted you to see Mykah has NOT forgotten you!

Some days I feel like I have ADD. No really, I bounce from one project to the next rarely getting back to finish what I started. So I made a rule for myself of not starting something else till I finish what I had started first. Good rule uh? Now I guess I better follow it, I mean seeing how I put it on my blog and all? Really though, I think the end of a pregnancy can do some crazy things to your brain. For example my 'To Do' list that started out simple and now has like 20 things on it.

Top 5

-Baby 'S' 's nursery(finally came up with a color scheme..whew!)

-Mykah's room (finish it up)

-Kitchen (put together, reorganize)

-HEADBANDS..... Lots and some sparkly bracelets for Mykah and Baby S

-Finish Christmas shopping and mail off packages

Notice how Christmas is next week and its on the bottom of the list? Nice, good to see I am prioritizing!

P.S. TJmaxx(love that store) has the softest bath mats for cheap!(I really wanted one!) and Target has the best red icees :)

P.S.S. or is it P.P.S.? Family I really miss all your guts, like really REALLY bad. xoxo


Amy F. said...

Oo, headband time!! That's right -I almost forgot. You are so good at it, and think of all the fun new ideas that have come along since Mykah was a baby!! Oh, I wish we could make some together (clips for Sammy anyway).

We miss you too!!! (and I'm quite homesick for Utah, so I think we need to swap, lol).